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Understanding the new adolescence: Perspectives from Psychiatry and Psychology

14 / 02 / 2024

Adolescence in a transition period that is crucial for the person and for human biology. It is a period marked by physical, emotional and social changes, which arise from a radical brain restructuring that prepares us to live adulthood in the best way possible.

In this webinar that took place on January 25, promoted by Telefónica’s ORP department, psychiatrist Dr. Jose Antonio García and psychologist María Laorden address these issues from the perspective of development, mental health, environmental risks and vulnerability of the stage, with the aim of providing parents with tools that can be useful to navigate this period that is adolescence. And we say surfing, because as parents we want to accompany, guide and let ourselves be carried away on occasion by the paths that our adolescent children take us, doing so with respect, but with careful distant surveillance that encourages them to grow, evolve, acquire autonomy and taking charge of the responsibilities of the life stage in which they find themselves.

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