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Health and Wellbeing: the best life purpose

Our psychologists from the Clinical Team, María Laorden, and Miguel Ángel Blázquez, have once again shared a day to reflect on the prevention of mental health and the need to find and promote a vital purpose to improve our wellbeing.

For an hour they exchanged information and experience; and answered questions about the difference between “living happily” and “living with meaning”.

Motivation, the effort needed to achieve these changes, commitment, and above all, the ability to enjoy the process are essential to walk towards our life purpose. We recommend you not to miss a second of this meeting in order to create the necessary habits and steps to improve our mental health.

One more year of campaigns in the Clinical Team

ATAM Clinical Team’s prevention campaigns are the core tools for promoting health in situations of disability and dependency.

During 2022 our professionals wanted to help users and their families lead a healthier and more independent life with five preventive campaigns developed in person and virtually.

Eye care with the amblyopia and allergic conjunctivitis campaigns and mental health, as well as the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and the team’s new ergo-spirometry service, have once again given magnificent results in terms of participation.

We hope that in this video, you will find the keys to what we will continue to do in the coming year. We wish you all a very healthy 2023.

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