Members' Area

What is ATAM

ATAM is a private system of social protection in situations of disability and dependency that provides a wide range of assistance and services to the employees of member companies and their families.

Altogether, ATAM offers coverage to around 43,000 families from nearly 40 companies.

ATAM’s coverage for its
users is of two kinds:

  • Financial aid
  • Specialized family guidance services: Attention to families

ATAM is a generalist organization and attends to any cause of disability, be it physical, intellectual, mental, or sensory. The Association is national in scope and has members and beneficiaries in all Spanish provinces.

The members of ATAM are the employees of those companies that have formalized a collaboration agreement with the Association. From this point of view, ATAM is a real social advantage in the field of labour relations.

The advantages of belonging to ATAM for companies and workers are obvious:

  • It contributes to the reconciliation of work and family life.
  • It encourages a better working environment.
  • It improves staff productivity by providing employees with solutions in situations that are often dramatic for people.
  • It reinforces pride in belonging to the company.
  • It helps the acquisition and retention of talent.