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T-RESUELVE is a free telephone helpline that offers information and guidance in different areas: psychological, medical, nutritional, social, and legal.

Specialists in each area attend all consultations, providing personalized information to resolve doubts, concerns, or uncertainties related to health, disability, or dependency.

Areas of T-Resuelve


T-RESUELVE can be a first step to knowing how the public and private care systems work for disability and dependence situations.


We live in an increasingly complex world. Sometimes we observe certain conducts and behaviour among our loved ones that disconcert us, which may be signs of a latent disorder. T-RESUELVE offers us some initial guidelines for dealing with the situation.


The voice of a medical professional can guide us in the first instance when facing doubts related to the health of any of our relatives.


Nutrition is a core component of our health. A qualified expert will offer you healthy guidelines and will inform you about the implications of your eating habits.


Sometimes we need access to basic concepts about the legal procedures associated with a disability.