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Network of Attention to Families

When a family is affected by a disability, it must face a situation that has its physical manifestation but also has all kinds of material, psychological, emotional, economic, social, and logistical implications. Ultimately, families with disabilities have a peremptory need: to acquire KNOWLEDGE to cope in the best possible way with the situation in which they find themselves.

Holistic and systemic methodology

ATAM’s care network advises families with a holistic and systemic methodology. We say it is holistic because it considers all the dimensions of the person. Likewise, ATAM’s method is systemic because it takes account of the contextual elements and the person’s environment as circumstances that facilitate or hinder their relationship with the world.

Psychosocial and clinical care professionals.

To achieve effective action, a combination of psychosocial and clinical care professionals makes up ATAM’s Family Care network.

ATAM’s global cycle of intervention starts with a clinical diagnosis and a multifactorial assessment of the disability, leading to a proposal for support that serves as a guide for the person with a disability and their family. The knowledge accumulated by the organization and its professionals in its fifty year-existence allows us to offer skilled information and expert advice to all our users.

Assistance for the processing of resources and aids

The family care service finally assists its users in all procedures related to access to resources and aid, public or private, related to the care needs that the person may have.

Where we are

ATAM’s family care network has full territorial coverage at a national level.