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ATAM celebrates its 2024 General Assembly

27 / 06 / 2024

ATAM held its annual General Meeting last Wednesday, June 26, in the auditorium of Distrito Telefónica, where the results and actions of the last fiscal year were presented, coinciding with the Association’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Raquel Fernández, president of ATAM, emphasized in her opening speech the importance of ATAM’s work for families facing disability and dependency situations. She expressed her strong belief that ATAM is a crucial entity for the well-being and quality of life of all the families it supports.

Raquel Fernández highlighted how ATAM has understood the importance of transformation, particularly in terms of technology, to bolster the organization’s viability and create a proposal that addresses the challenges people face today: rapid changes in our lifestyle and new ways of living that impact our health.

The General Director of ATAM shared the data regarding the previous fiscal year 2023 and the foundations supporting the 2024 budget. Ignacio Aizpún used his presentation to analyze the key aspects of the connected technological world and the vectors of ATAM’s institutional development project.

The social representation of ATAM also participated in the meeting. Board member Fernando Medrano highlighted the Family Support Service, which helps thousands of families find the solutions they need based on the values of universality, uniqueness, equity, and solidarity that underpin ATAM’s social objectives.

For her part, board member Yolanda Caro emphasized how the new technological stage of humanity brings new worldviews and how this new reality impacts our health. She highlighted that technical progress alters our interpretation of realities such as life, health, disability, and aging. Yolanda Caro also expressed recognition and gratitude for the work carried out by the various units and services of the association.

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