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ATAM celebrates #DisabilityDay

03 / 12 / 2020

The main cause of discrimination against people with disabilities is ignorance.

Raquel Fernández, president of ATAM, opened the dialogue on disability with the Director General of our organization, Ignacio Aizpún, in a live meeting broadcast on Telefónica’s Workplace to talk about diversity in the workplace.

A day before the celebration of Disability Day, Telefónica brought together experts from the Randstad Foundation, workers with disabilities, and ATAM executives for just over an hour and a half to promote diversity in the workplace and beyond.

Ignacio Aizpún highlighted the value of this “private system of social protection enjoyed by Telefónica’s workers”. He also highlighted the fact that this mutual support organization was a pioneer in our society and has been practicing what is now called the “collaborative economy” for 47 years.

“Helping more than 45,000 families with very diverse disabilities, undoubtedly, it requires us to become an association of knowledge”, said the general director of the Association, who also highlighted ATAM’s commitment to technological development with innovative and flexible solutions such as ViveLibre.

But undoubtedly, the beneficiaries are who can best publicize the organization. So did Soraya Granados, who emphasized the importance and peace of mind of having the support of ATAM. Soraya, who was born with cerebral palsy, which has not prevented her from training and developing professionally, drew attention to the “peace of mind that comes from knowing where to go when you don’t know how to deal with a problem”. She also said that had presented the association to many of her colleagues at Telefónica.

“Making it normal to have colleagues with disabilities in the workplace means doing our bit to make us all more equal and different”.

You can see the full video of the event here.

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