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On October 17th, Mayores Telefónica held an Extraordinary General Meeting at its headquarters, during which the Management Council was renewed. Santiago González Carrero was appointed as the President of both the council and the entity.

He will be accompanied in this new phase by:

In the same event, Luis Álvarez Rodríguez was appointed as the Honorary President of the Association in recognition of his long and distinguished career, including twenty years as President and additional years as Secretary-General. His years of dedication were acknowledged with the presentation of a commemorative plaque and a small memento.

In his speech, Santiago González expressed gratitude for the support and trust of the entire organization. He highlighted the new Council’s main objectives, emphasizing the importance of volunteerism as the foundation of Telefónica Senior’s social action, teamwork, and the aim to deepen territorial connections. This includes giving more prominence to Regional and Provincial Coordinators and fostering closer relationships with members in all locations.

He emphasized the unique opportunity next year to celebrate Telefónica’s Centennial, the group’s 30th anniversary, and its involvement in the development of the Reconectados Project recently launched by the Fundación Telefónica. This project aims to mitigate the digital divide among the elderly.

On 7 November, the city of Benidorm hosted the 18th Congress of Associations for the Elderly organized by the Grupo de Mayores de Telefónica (Telefónica Seniors Group).

The central theme of the meeting was ageing and the prevention of physical and cognitive impairment. During the event, experts enlightened attendees on the tools and technologies needed to promote a healthy life at all ages.

Santiago González, President of Telefónica Seniors, introduced the conference by alluding to the importance of this congress and its central theme: the scope of working towards healthy ageing and the practices needed to achieve it. Ageism, together with the infantilization of the elderly, and the right to be able to decide where and how-to live-in safety were some of the concerns raised by the chairman.

The conference hosted different professionals in the field, as well as representatives of other related organizations. Juan Luis Aramburu, family doctor of the ATAM Clinical Team, represented our organization. During his presentation, Dr. Aramburu focused on the importance of people’s functional capacity, above and beyond the diagnoses and the diseases they may have. He also stressed the importance of daily habits to age healthy. He emphasized that all the factors that modulate our aging are determined by the feeling of loneliness and the existence of a vital purpose. For these reasons, it is essential to stay active and motivated both physically and mentally.

Finally, he highlighted the importance of disability prevention and the best healthcare practices addressed by the ATAM Clinical Team.

The day provided a lot of information and was an exceptional educational meeting. We share the link so that you can enjoy the full meeting.

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