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15 / 06 / 2023

ATAM held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 1st June, in the auditorium of the Telefónica District. Once again, the Association presented the results and actions carried out last year at Telefónica’s headquarters.

This year the General Meeting took place in an exceptional context as it coincided with the 50th anniversary of ATAM’s constitution. Those present at the event had the opportunity to reflect on the changes experienced by the Association over the last five decades and on the role that ATAM will have to play for its members in a world transformed by technology.

The president of ATAM, Raquel Fernández, during the opening of the meeting, highlighted the importance of ATAM’s work for families living in a situation of disability or dependence and the solid trajectory, pioneer in the sector, which has woven for these five decades. Raquel Fernández reflected on the changes that Society has experienced during all this time and how the Association has always been able to adapt, even anticipate events. Proof of this is that ATAM is today a solid and adaptable entity, which, faithful to its history, is once again at the forefront of trends in disability.

After the president’s words, the councilors Yolanda Caro and Fernando Medrano also spoke. Both highlighted how the “extraordinary work of the people of ATAM” contributes day by day to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable people and anticipates the development of solutions that prevent their institutionalization.

The event concluded with the words of the president of ATAM, who once again showed her commitment to the institution and wished to highlight the professional and personal work of all its employees and their invaluable contribution to Telefónica’s employees.

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