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14 / 12 / 2022

On 13th December last, ATAM transferred to ILUNION its entire shareholding in the share capital of the companies Servicios Sociales de Manipulados Industriales S.L.U. (MONDECO) and Servicios Sociales de Telecomunicaciones S.L.U. (SERVITELCO). Both companies operate as special employment centres. The operation is part of ATAM’s institutional development project and responds to the objective of guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of employment in these companies.

SERVITELCO was set up in 2004 and operates in the contact centre sector. MONDECO was established in 2007 with the corporate purpose of developing activities and assembly of auxiliary elements for the industry. The two companies together employ more than 700 people.

The ILUNION group represents the ONCE business corporation and operates in more than 50 different lines of business. It currently has more than 38,000 employees, 40% of whom are people with disabilities.

With this operation, MONDECO and SERVITELCO integrate into a social organization with a large commercial projection, besides a proven capacity to guarantee the viability of productive activity and the sustainability of the jobs of the people with disabilities working in them.

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