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Epsilon Project Meeting

21 / 04 / 2017

On April 20th, the Distrito Telefónica facilities in Madrid hosted a new meeting of the Epsilon Project Scientific Committee. The event was opened by Javier Delgado, Director of Human Resources at Telefónica de España, who highlighted the value that Telefónica attaches to this type of open ecosystem of collaborative innovation.

Using the latest technologies, we are building a combined system of services to promote the autonomy of the most vulnerable people. These systems address health support, home maintenance, and family support. At the heart of this system is the EPSILON PROJECT, as the brain of a transversal technological support platform. The development of this complex project is closely linked to the significant growth of Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies.

The Epsilon Scientific Committee comprises professionals from different disciplines: genomics, neuroscience, psychology, neuropsychiatry, biomedical engineering, economics, and management. On this occasion, we have counted on the presence of professionals from prestigious entities such as the Champalimaud Foundation of Lisbon, the European Society of Telemedicine of Paris, the Farr Institute of London, and the University College of London. The Spanish academic world was also present by professors from the University of Valladolid, the University of Seville, the UCAM of Murcia, and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

During the conference, the latest milestones and progress achieved within the Epsilon project were highlighted, such as the advances of its healthcare and prevention platform and the application of artificial intelligence for monitoring personal routines.

The Epsilon project may represent a before and after in the development of a new model of personalized medicine. Through different solutions and tools of this platform, clinical professionals and users will access predictive models that will allow a spectacular advance in the diagnosis processes, prevention, and determination of clinical intervention plans.

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