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In this sense, I am very happy because I have seen, let’s say, the gates of heaven have opened for me, to put it colloquially. Because after seeing myself with a serious and big problem, and that I couldn’t find an easy solution, then through ATAM, well… it has been what has solved the problem for me, that’s the truth.

“I’m telling you; the financial help is important because we wouldn’t have been able to go to all these services on our own. But finding someone who, when you need something, you call and they help you and listen to you is… And that is what we have found here. It’s the lack of knowledge, you don’t know where to turn. And here, you have it. So, it’s when you need support: call ATAM. It’s for me, it’s fundamental. The truth is that I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m delighted”.

“I think that the service that you offer in ViveLibre is much more professionalized for each case, and this seems very positive. This summer, I suffered an incident: my mother went to the gallery to pick up the clothes, and at home lives a dog that is quite big and very playful. And then I see how he closed the door with his paw so my mother could not get back in.”