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Healthy habits for proper sleep hygiene

15 / 06 / 2023

Sleep well to live better. It was the main objective of the latest webinar on good sleep habits held on 24 March with our expert from Equipo Clínico and professionals from Telefónica’s Occupational Risk Prevention team.

In a “round table” format to encourage participation, a wide range of topics about the causes of insomnia were discussed. Relaxation exercises, various medical pathologies, mental health problems, and some bad habits were recurring themes during the talk and brought together most of the questions.

Our family doctor, Juan Luis Aramburu, a scholar of the problems linked to sleep hygiene, addressed all the doubts about the pathologies derived from insomnia, from apnea to medication problems or difficulties related to anxiety and stress.

During more than an hour of debate, in which Telefónica employees once again participated in record numbers, Juan Luis also defended some preventive recommendations for overcoming insomnia beyond those traditionally associated with medication.

During the debate, he was with Stefanny Christopher and Olivia García, doctor and psychologist, respectively, from Telefónica’s Occupational Risk Prevention team, who also answered many of the work-related questions that affect our sleep hygiene.

You can listen to the complete conversation here, with all the questions answered by the experts.

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