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Knowing more to eat better: taking care of our health through nutrition

15 / 06 / 2023

Isabel Bustamante, neurologist, and nutrition specialist at ATAM’s Clinical Team, took part in a webinar on healthy nutrition on 17 February at the offices of Telefónica’s Occupational Risk Prevention team.

Under the heading “Do you know what you are buying?” Isabel gave the keys to knowing and understanding the labeling of products and being aware of the importance of food for health care. Learning to read not only labels and codes but also to understand the necessary nutritional value of what we eat concerning our lifestyle and state of health is essential for designing any healthy diet.

The specialist made us reflect on trendy foods, nutritional categories, misleading packaging, and products under different names. “The fewer ingredients, the better,” she said, referring to the list of ingredients on labels. Betting on foods with their original flavour, without additives, as well as wholemeal flour as opposed to refined flour, and avoiding masked sugars found in products were some of the issues she addressed in a session where the questions piled up.

During more than an hour of debate with record participation by Telefónica employees, Isabel defended the use of an old acquaintance such as the “Harvard plate” stopped to reflect on the so-called “superfoods” and food supplements and, above all, insisted on the value of a simple, healthy diet and a change of habits to take care of our health.

Listen again here to the whole live talk about healthy nutrition.

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