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Take advantage of the ATAM Clinical Team Dependency Prevention Campaign

04 / 05 / 2021

Since this month of May, the ATAM Clinical Team has launched a Dependency Prevention Campaign. All ATAM members, as well as spouses, beneficiaries and parents of members, will be able to access the campaign.

This campaign is free and aims to promote active aging and raise awareness of healthy living habits but, above all, to identify vulnerable people and improve their health and dependency problems quickly, with the aim of promoting their autonomy.

Do not miss the opportunity to consult with the professionals of the ATAM Clinical Team with any questions, both in person and by video consultation. They will carry out a multidimensional assessment of the person, by the family doctor and a set of specialties such as Neurology, Psychology or Rehabilitative Medicine, when necessary.

Preventing situations of disability or dependency is a priority for the professionals of the ATAM Clinical Team, which leads them to always promote personal well-being and people’s commitment to their own care.

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